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I am now over 23 weeks pregnant, which means well over half-way, although it still seems like the final approx. 17 weeks is a very long time to wait until we finally meet our new addition to the family. I guess it also feels like long as the weeks go by and my tubby get bigger and bigger, it does get harder and harder to move around and get about doing daily things – or sit on the floor and play with our little boy (it is getting harder and harder to get up again), and what pains me the most, that I am starting to struggle lifting him for longer periods of time.  Anyway, thanks to the lovely people at AromaBaby, today I’d like to introduce you to the AromaBaby Organic Baby Clothing range*;

The kimono style wrap to is so cute. It comes in a natural cream colour that is suitable for both boys and girls. It is made from organic soft-touch organic cotton, and it has a waffle style design, that is very simple, yet very stylish at the same time.

The cross-over button design, makes it easier to pull over the baby’s head as the opening is so large, and I also love that it has inbuilt mittens, so your little one wont scratch him or herself.

It also comes with a matching hat that has a cute little knot on top, that again is very unisex.

The quality of this clothing is absolutely fantastic, and the cotton is so soft that it is perfect to use on a sensitive newborn, as there will be no risk of irritation. And at just $22.95 for the Kimono Wrap top and $9.95 for the little hat, it is extremely well priced too. There are a few other items in the range including a Sleeveless Tops and Nappy Over-Pant, and a Cuddle Wrap that I already have my eyes on.  The limited items available are key items, but I would love to see the range extended to also include items such as standard long and short sleeved tops, leggings, pants and jumpsuits, as that would complement the range very well, and no doubt prove very popular too.

And stay tuned for my review of the AromaBaby skincare range coming soon..

And for now, all I can do is count down the days and weeks until I get to see our little bub in these cute clothes…

baby headbands

IMG_3427 copy
Remember my posting about all the baby clothing that I have been upcycling and sewing into whimsical little creatures? (post here) Well that project has created even more scraps of baby clothing so I decided to put those little scraps to use and make some simple little baby headbands.
When I am cutting up baby clothing (or any clothing for that matter) to upcycle I typically toss out the small pieces and strips and the waistband (or anything with elastic). But for this project I actually made use of those small bits and pieces!
IMG_3376 copy
Luckily I found that the waistband of Lucy’s “too short” pants actually fits perfectly around her head. This may not always be the case so you could simple just use a piece of brand new elastic- like I used in THIS headband project a while back.
IMG_3381 copy
Next, I created rolled fabric flowers with my scraps of fabric and Fabric Fusion fabric glue. Since discovering how to make rolled roses a couple of years ago I have put these flowers to use in SO many projects!!
my tutorial on rolled roses- HERE
IMG_3386 copy
Last, I sewed a button to the middle.
The result is a SUPER inexpensive (FREE) pretty little headband for baby!
IMG_3451 copyIMG_3504


SHB Sew-Along: Baby Boy Inspiration

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was not-so-secretly hoping for a girl. After all, I’m a female oldest child, so I thought it would be cool to share that with my kid, and I had all sorts of ideas for making adorable geeky (non-pink) clothing. Well, now that I have my little boy, I can’t even imagine what it would be like to not have a son! He’s such a little personality, and I’ll be honest, I’m a sucker for all the dinosaurs and sea-life that’s ubiquitous on baby boy clothing (not such a fan of all the dogs and monkeys, but you can’t win ’em all). Still, it would be nice to have some diversity in his clothing (more geeky things! more cats!), which is part of the reason why I’m hosting this sew-along with Mikhaela and Clio. They’ve already shared baby girl andneutral/unknown gender clothing inspiration, so I’m here to wrap up the clothing inspiration series with some fun ideas for boys. Although to be honest, most of these would work for girls too!

There are lots of free patterns out there for onesies, shirts, pants, and rompers out there (check out ourPinterest board for more), and most are pretty quick makes, so that leaves you with more time to think about customization. I’m a fan of these fun fabric combinations:

You can do solids+stripes, different size stripes, different colors, and pockets and plackets in different fabrics.

The nice thing about doing different fabrics for sleeves vs. body is that you can use up even the teeny tiny scraps in your stash. You can also use the small pieces for appliques (elbow patches and knee patches have a soft spot in my heart):

Make formal wear by adding a faux vest front and bow tie, or add an applique in unexpected ways (on the side! not animal-related! a monster face!).

And if you’re more into doodling than sewing around lots of tiny curves and corners, you could always make a plain tee or onesie and have at it with fabric markers:

Even if you’re not good at drawing, you can always print out some line-art and transfer it to your shirt for tracing. I’ve had the most success with these Tee Juice markers in terms of holding up to repeated washing (used on multiple projects, like the cat face sweatshirt, my Star Wars tee and (he)art dress). Or you could always go with iron-on transfers, like Mikhaela did.

If you’ve got a particular fandom, this would be a great way to add some geeky quotes, regardless of your baby’s gender:

I’m partial to the LOTR ones, of course…looks like it’s time to sew up some plain onesies! And according toour Flickr group discussions, I’m not the only LOTR-obsessed mama/sewist. Join us over there to share what you’re planning on making!

Dream Child – Alonso Mateo

Hello Fashionistas

So all my life I wanted to have a baby girl, the thought of having a boy had never once crossed my mind…Until I came across baby boy Alonso Mateo. OMG!!!!! Now all I want in life is to have a boy. This has to be the coolest kid ever. I am unsure of his age but I would estimate he is between the ages 4 and 5 years old. He recently caught my attention and I thought I had to share with our readers. I follow his mother Luisa Fernanda Espinosa, @luisafere on Instagram whom I believe is responsible for Alonso’s impeccable style. I absolutely adore both mother and son’s fashion sense but I’m obsessed with Alonso’s style, he dresses better than most grown up men I know *hides*. Alonso spots all the latest trends, monochromatic, rolled-up jeans, happy socks, tailored suits, coloured laces, loafers, round-shaped shades, the works. He is a true style icon and I cannot wait to see him in his teens. His style and demeanor resembles that of Scott Dissick. I die for his signature accessory – aviators, I doubt he ever puts them down ever! However what are love the most about him is his poses, aaaaaaaahhhhhh *hearts* tooo adorbs!!!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen meet my dream child….Alonso Mateo



Dress Sense Tips

Dress sense applies to everyone whether we are considered to be slim or not, we all suffer dressing wrongly to compliment ourselves, it may be wrong length skirts, wrong colour clothing in contrast to our skin tone, flat heals instead of heal shoes. it’s so important to know that slim people the dress sense code too, once you get the basics of knowing which underwear to wear that is comfortable and properly sized to your body contours, you will instantly feel comfortable, which will help you to have confidence to where dresses that will exude confidence and self-respect, because you will look and feel comfortable and confident, which is so important for one’s self esteem.

Look more into Shapewear products to help reduce those areas that you feel embarrassed or self-conscious about and get that self-confidence running through your body again. But out of all the troublesome problems in clothing the bra is the number one issue which you must resolve by getting your sizing right, see my article that will guide you to a better way of making use of the correct underwear.

Focus on what to wear instead of what not to wear! It’s the feel-good factor, when choosing the right clothes to fit you. You should feel good in what you are wearing. The most common misconception people have about dressing slimmer is they have to wear black. While black does provide an overall sleek appearance, it’s not the only path to a svelte look. The first piece of advice, know that you are normal and everyone’s body is different!  Once you start looking at yourself through a less critical lens, fashion can be a lot of fun.

Here are her tips:

1. Go monochromatic
First off, wearing a monochromatic colour scheme is elegant and flattering to all body types, explains. Even wearing an all-white suit, for example, will look good on someone trying to dress slimmer because it doesn’t chop up the body. The last thing you want to do is chop up your look with a different colour, which could make even a slim person look stocky.

2. Stop hiding behind baggy clothes
makes sure clothes fit you properly. Wearing clothes that are too baggy can easily add the illusion of five to 10 pounds to your frame and make it look as though you are hiding behind something, she says. On the other hand, wearing clothes that fit properly — not too baggy and not too tight — exudes confidence.

3. Add accessories
Accessories are a smart trick for looking slimmer. Adding bangles or a nice pair of Swarovski earrings is a great way to pull together a nice occasion wear, evening wear outfit and add a tasteful splash of colour to a monochromatic look. Accessories like a cute gemstone necklace or brooch draw the eye up, and toward your beautiful face.

4. Choose lower waistlines
when it comes to choosing the right pair of pants, your best bet is to stick with a lower waistline with a flat front and no pleats. A slightly lower waistline helps to elongate your look, she explains. Pants should be on the longer side so there is a nice break at the cuff. Boots will finish the look, lengthen the legs, and can add height and elegance, she says.

5. Bet on belts
Belts can also be a great tool when trying to accentuating dressing slimmer. Wearing a belt with a nice buckle lower on your hips will draw the eye to the belt and elongate your overall look, especially if the belt blends with your clothing colour. Belts can also help tie a look together, and are a very versatile accessory.

6. Skinny versus wide pants — you can wear both
since skinny pants are still on the fashion clothing radar, there are ways to wear them and look streamlined. If you are going to wear skinny pants, pair them with a voluminous top or a long blazer. The same principle applies when wearing a wide-legged trouser. Pair them with a fitted shirt or jacket. The whole outfit shouldn’t be completely voluminous or stick straight. But pairing one with the other makes it simple to dress both slim and stylish. If you are going to go with a skinny jean or pant, you can achieve a sleeker look with stylish boots worn over the pants.

7. Wear colour
Use bright colours wisely, since classic browns, beiges and charcoal grey looks good on everyone, just as bright splashes of colour as underpinnings to an outfit. Wear a rich magenta or deep blue camisole under a dark grey suit jacket to spice up your look without going over the top.

8. Flattering footwear
picking the right footwear is so important; choose boots as a no-fail option. Boots are flattering on everyone, and everyone can look sleek in a boot. If you are wearing a pair of jeans, just adding boots and a blazer will complete your outfit, and also be slimming. Heels, too, are slimming footwear, but stay away from ankle straps, which cut off the lines of the legs, she explains.

Wearing women’s fashion clothing stylishly that fits you well and that you are comfortable wearing, can help retrain you to appreciate your body.
After all, it’s only when you are comfortable in your own skin that you can feel good in what you put on.
It is very important that the above tips can only be effective as long as you wear the right underwear that compliments your body. Wearing the wrong sized bra under a beautiful occasion wear dress will be ruined with a wrongly worn bra that will bulge and spoil the look that you are trying to attain.
Supportive Shapewear underwear will help to smooth and give a contoured shaping of your body when dressed in that favourite fashion boutique outfit you have spent money on!